do it yourself drone

Do-It-Yourself Drone Kit (build it yourself and ready to fly)

Yes, what better way to learn how drones work.

If you build it from drone parts, then you will be proud of your drone especially when you also see it fly! This project is for those who is begining to learn about drones. All the drone parts are provided so you need not source it from anywhere else. And when you have built it, you will be proud of it and would want to show it to your friends. Along the way you would have wondered how science help mankind to go around its life knowing that drones will be a part of our lives very soon. For all you know, knowing how to build a drone will lead you to bigger things like desinging a more sophisticated drone to do greater things!

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The World's First UUV cross UAV that flies in Air and swims Underwater
air underwater uuv


metro maglev system

Welcome to the world's first metro magnetic levitation (maglev) rapid transit coach. Especially designed for moving from street to street and bringing to the town folk a taste of silent and smooth travels.
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war with drones at Iskandar johor

Test your skills at shooting down enemy drones at Iskandar Johor Game of Drones! Well you know that militaries are now using drones for bringing down their enemies in an urban firefight environment. So brushing up your drone shooting skill will become a priority issue come what may. Also available a drone game franchise, first in the world made specially for you to be a part of drone business.
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People are thinking of many ways to make use of drones. You will hear news of drone usage almost everyday! Learn what people are conceiving new ways of using drones here

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