Agriculture Drone

agricultural drone

Agricultural drone have come in to help manage large track of farmland. Sensors mounted drones can now help survey for crop health, insufficient moisture content, disease, gauging crop yield and farm efficiency. Utilising drones will help farmers identify pest and fungal infestation, irrigation requirements. Multi-spectrum images taken from the sky can tell the farmer about the health of his crop. This advance technology really gives the farmer a leg up to fight low yield of crops due to various reasons.

Besides, having the help of drones, farmers are now able to use lower amounts of pesticides and in a future scenario, use ground drones to fertilize and do harvesting. It is hoped that with automation coming in, farmers will not have to rely so much of manpower. The future of farming is indeed exciting as new tools are invented to help in increasing efficiencies. Drones can help in laying a thin protective element (also netting) over the crop from the air. The whole exercise is automated and a continuous reporting on the health of the crop is possible.

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