Agriculture Drone

drones assisting in architecture

Drones to help architecture and building? Yes, researchers in Switzerland have experimented with using drones to lift polystyrene blocks to build an object. Presently, drones are used to capture aerial/elevation footage at a much lower cost than using other flying vehicles. This aerial footage can be used for many different applications from site planning to marketing collateral.

In order to do quick site planning and conducting impact studies, drone photography come into play. Thorough 3D maps can be stitched together from thousands of digital images. Building Orientation is another thing to be done with drone photography, where during the design phase; aerial photography can demonstrate to the end users what the view will be for future floor elevations. Views can be captured from all angles, Also helping out is when the construction phase kits iin where dron monitoring will help the project manager to have a real time view of progress.

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