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Get this christmas present for aged 6 and above!

Do It Yourself Drone Kit Set (complete set good to fly comes with instructions)

Ever wonder why a drone can fly?

Well wonder no more because we have for you a set of drone where you can build it yourself. And you will learn what makes the drone tick and by assembling the drone bits together, you will learn how drones are designed. Once you learn it, you will be able to design bigger drones that can can fly out there to take photographs. You will be on a wonderful journey and you can make a business out of it.

But seriousely why drone?

The reason is that you will hear of it almost everyday. You will have this company going to use drones for last mile delivery or that company trying out using drones to deliver that important medicine in some far off places where communications are not readily available. And not to loose out of the race are armies of super powers of the world designing all sorts of drones doing exotic functions to beat their enemies!

So it is advisable to learn more about drones. And as more technology is put into drones, we will never be able to visualise what drone will look like in a few years time. Drones are basically robots but when engineers make it autonomous, it becomes very useful because you don't need any manual control which is sometime quite scarry yah!

Do It Yourself Drone kit can help the young to get a passion for the Sciences,Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). When their interest is sparked, children will continue to search for these knowleddge. So what can be a better way to inculcate knowledge of technology by building your own drone? Morover, the drone that you built can fly and even perform stunts!

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