Drones Battle at Iskandar Johor battleground

Come to Iskandar Johor to play for the first time in the world the battle of the drones war. Game of Drones at Danga Bay, Iskandar Johor. Realtime, real outdoor game played with radio controlled drones spread over a battle scene over the coastal enclave of Iskandar. You will learn new warfare tactics utilising remotely controlled scale-model drones capable of destroying enemy drones with lightning speeds. Drones are the new weapon to counter terrorism at global flash points in the Middle East and Agfanistan. Drones are also being tested to help deliver packages and used as emergency drug deliveries. How can you not afford to learn how to fly these usable toys? Come over and have the thrill of your life and gain new skills.
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Or maybe you are interested in getting an innovative franchise? May we suggest a Johor Game of Drone franchise. Johor Game of Drones is a first in the world. It is an outdoor reality like game played by teams using flying drones which are embedded with real laser guns. Gamers are suppose to shoot down enemy drones and winners are those who survive and the last one standing. The game can be played by multiple teams on a landscaped playground specially designed to mimic real battle zones. You will need excellent skills to handle your flying drone and to aim at your flying enemy at the same time. And to add to the complexity of the game, drones are positioned on the ground and water surfaces mimicking war scenarios. For knowing more about drone game franchise, you can take a look at game, merchandise, competition and virtual game

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