Medical Drone

Drone used for medical purposes

Drones have been successfully used in remote corridors to deliver emergency medical supplies to inaccessible rural areas, not only that but is used to map cholera outbreaks in Malawi. Recently, drones have been used in Kasungu to fight against malaria. Malaria and water are inextricably linked and where there is water if only a small pool, mosquitoes spreads malaria in the sub-continent of Africa.

Drones are used to map mosquito breeding sites and it is especially useful during the dry season where small pools lye spread-out across a large inaccessible terrain. Identifying these water pools from the air makes work affordable. But the groundwork to eliminate these mosquito larvae has to be taken by health workers utilising software specially designed to read the map of larvae pools. The future for this technology will be used even in urban areas where malaria, dengue infections are widespread.

July 2018

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