diy drone

Do It Yourself Drone Kit Set to help you learn how to build drones

  • air underwater uuv
  • Introducing the World's First Air Underwater Unmanned Underwater Vehicle

    Designed and patented for maritime surveillance work like anti-refugee smuggling and anti-drug smuggling operations in the high seas. Armed version also use for anti-ship and anti-submarine sorties. Hobby version can be used for tracking fish and scooping up sea bed samples for analysis.

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  • uuv cleaning fish cage

  • World's first cross domain UUV that can be used to clean out fish cages in the ocean. Designed with pulsating water jets to flush out grime on the fish cage so as to prevent fish from catching water borne virus. This facility is especially useful for keeping ocean fish cage in a hygienic condition. An added feature is an embedded laser gun useful for eliminating fish skin virus that can cause severe fish disease.

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