Skating Techniques

Your Posture

skating posture

Relax your body and do not strighten your legs. You should have both your legs slightly bent.

T Stopping

T stop on skates

This is how you stop

Stopping for beginners

Roller skating stopping techniques

1. When you put the roller skates sneaker on for the first time to learn how to skate, it is essential that you also wear helmets, elbow guards, wrist guards, hand gloves, knee guards and long stockings. The reason is simple, you will fall very often and these protective will reduce injuries to a minimum. Thus when you don't injure yourself, you will tend to continue skating and not give up as easily.

2. Get the correct posture for your body.
As you can see in our posture diagram below, your back should be slightly tilted forward, your knees should be slightly bent, your feet should form a V-shape forward facing, and your arms should be extended forward for better balancing. When you begin, you should put your right foot forward first, then follow by your left foot(if you are right handed).Do it slowly at first, only lifting your foot slightly off the ground.

3. When you start your skating exercise, go to a place with smooth pavements to begin roller skating.

Skating at a parking lot with no vehicle traffic should do. When you start, falling down is normal, and when you really feel that you are loosing your balance, bent even more of your knees so that your body's center of gravity is lowered. This will reduce the impact of your fall. And when you fall, stretch your palms forward and touch the ground with it and slide on the pavement, so that your gloves will take the brunt of falling. With all those gears that you are wearing, you should not be injured.

And don't forget, the more you fall, the more confident you will get until you can practically get rid off the fear of falling and start to really enjoy the thrills of roller skates. Unlike the normal quad, the Aircoaster skates will not hurt your feet that much because they are made of soft leather with thick padding, and better still, you can even flex your shoe soles! Skating with the Aircoaster is very much safer due to the fact that it has a very much lower center of gravity.

More roller skating techniques-braking.

It is not enough that you can move forward with the skates. Like all fast cars, you should be able to STOP in time to avert any untoward accidents! The most essential method is called



Basically, what you do is to bring your two feet into perpendicular( 90 degrees ) to each other. As shown in our T-stop graphic above, you can see that as the right leg is still moving forward, tuck your left foot backwards, heel first, so that it will form a 90 degrees angle to that of your skating right foot. Master this stopping technique with more practice, starting slowly, then increase your skating speed when you are more confident. Before you can enjoy skating, you should master the T-stop first, in order that you can come to a complete stop and not knock into something unpleasant.