Welcome to the world's first underwater robot that is designed to swim and fly in the air. Named "Versatile 2" a robotic vehicle that normally stays under the surface of the water. It is designed for surveillance work on the high seas. Due to a lack of naval resources, most navies do not have sufficient naval assets to monitor their sea boundaries. One way to help maritime enforcers is to complement them with autonomous assets that is capable of performing surveillance duties. In operation, "Versatile 2" will use its sonar to detect surface vessels. The information is then relayed to a nearby command ship and reviewed. Based on the movement patern of the unidentified vessel, the command vessel will then direct "Versatile 2" to move closer to the unidentified vessel. Upon getting very close "Verstaile 2" will then fly out of the water and hover above the unidentified vessel and simultaneously take a snapshot with its camera. "Versatile 2" will then dive back into the water to take cover as it could face hostility from being shot at. The command vessel will then review again as to the kind of activities in the unidentified vessel. It will then decide whether to interdict the unidentified vessel for closer inspection. Using such an uuv asset will make the job of surveillance in the high seas very much safer. As for the the unidentified vessel, being taken by surprise by the uuv will prevent them from taking precaution to hide what they are doing. "Versatile 2" is suitable for maritime surveillance work, anti-vessel sorties, anti-mine sorties, anti-submarine duties and with customised designs, also suitable for oil and gas underwater pipeline inspections, aquaculture and underwater exploratory works. You can learn more here

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