Aircoater users

aircoaster user

Bryonne from New Zealand trying out skating with the aircoaster.

Bryonne was soo enthralled by the skates that she finally uttered......"it is sooo cool". Can you blame her?

"Come to think about it, I should get this sneaker sooner"."As you can see, I am not worried about the battle of the bulge"

Luis on the skates

Look at Luis doing all sorts of stunts with half an aircoaster only! He is turning the whole of Vancouver upside down!

On the way to the next Olympics?

Miki on sneaker skates

Training Hard for the Next Winter Olympics? Take a peek at our roller skates sneaker user.

Teenager Miki Hashimoto practicing the fundamentals of skating at home so that she will be able to take part in the next Winter Olympics and do her country of birth, Japan proud. She finds it extremely easy to learn skating because the Aircoaster sneaker Skates have very Low center of gravity which means she don't fall easily. " As I am studying at a college, I found very little time for exercise and recreations, so I make use of my little precious time by roller skating around the house and its varenda, and occasionally at friend's place to retain a fit and slim body." We wish her the best in her studies and her vision of getting to the Olympics, and as one of our skates user, we also thank her sincerely."Learning to use Aircoaster skates is chicken feed and getting 20 minutes of exercise on it everyday is satisfying" said Miki

Ramon of Let Me Stay for a Day

See World traveling celebrity Ramon Stoppelenburg(from Holland) trying out the Aircoaster skates during his trip to Australia.

Ramon just love the aircoaster because as he goes around the world, everyone who saw him wearing it gets really excited and wants to borrow it to try on ! He was given the skates to try out and he said he had never come across a skate with those strange wheels coming out from the sides! Being a Dutch and coming from the land where roller skates had a great influence, his reaction is a typical response from those who gets the sight for the first time of the aircoaster. Ramon has also toured Canada early 2003 and have finally returned to Holland for a much needed rest and is now writing a book on his unique travels around the world. We wish him every success."Thanks Ramon" for showing the world how exciting wearing aircoast skates is! You can take a peek at Ramon's adventures at